BIO The Smith III is a group of three young talented sibling musicians entertainers. Playing 10 instruments each, the group members are Jalyka Smith, Dalyk Smith, and Alyk Smith. Their parents are Anthony and Lydia Smith. They are originally from Palm Beach County, Florida. The Smith III's musical journey started with their parents, after they learned this was a dream that the young children would not let go. They started performing at an early age, and each added something special to the group, which officially started in 2009. They quickly became local celebrities, especially at karaoke. They used their entrepreneur skills to start a candy stand to raise money for their first song “Put a Stamp on It”. After finishing their CD, they would go door to door and parking lots to sell their music. They studied piano and voice. In 2013, they moved to Chester County, Pennsylvania, to pursue their dreams. They continued their self learning and taught themselves to play Acoustic, Electric and Bass guitar. The group also plays the piano, drums and the harmonica. They also dance, create beats and are great entertainers. Their full album “Diamond in a Rock” released soon after the first single is a motivational pop album that will inspire everyone. The group has continued to perform and are gaining new fans throughout Pennsylvania as they did in Florida. Features… On December 2012, the album was featured in Billboard magazine, Dec. 2012 issue. In 2013, Children’s magazine awarded The Smith III’s album, 2013 Award of Excellence and has been featured in the magazine several issues. Their music is now available on Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and anywhere music is sold. Fans everywhere are demanding their performance. Their music has gained raved reviews from members of Grammy association and have been featured at many live events. They have started a charitable foundation Diamond in a Rock (3Diamonds), which supports and awards students for their academic, personal and community excellence At such a young age, the potential for these young stars are limitless. So be sure to get The Smith III app, follow , like, & subscribe.


Charity - Diamond In A Rock Foundation


Smith III believes like William Churchill, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life, when we give.” The time and effort in helping and making a difference have inspired The Smith III to launch their own non-profit organization Diamond in a Rock ( Proceeds from our product and service are given back to inspire students to be great citizens.  We all can make a difference one person at a time.

The Smith III has donated their time, money, and music to other charities such as the Red Cross, for children with muscular dystrophy, Mothers Against Murders, fighting against bullying, abuse, and domestic violence, people with cancer and helping children with leukemia. Other local organizations include, Community, Youth, Women Association (CYWA) and Faith Victory. The group is raising awareness and importance of these causes. We look forward to supporting more charities.


To learn more about Smith III's 501(C)(3) charity (Diamond In A Rock) that is awarding students for their academic, community and personal excellence visit and join our community


Remember, sometimes a small thing you do can mean everything in another person’s life, you are a diamond in a rock. Join The Smith III in making the world a better place a person at a time!

Our blend of pop, hip hop, reggae, and rap is for you; if you crave positive music that will make your body move. We sing, play, dance, and best of all entertain with our original motivational pop sounds for children and adults of all ages. Be inspired & dance at the same time with message music. #thesmithiii

Contact:  866-311-3369



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